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Wednesday Basketball picks results

By Support Team | March 5, 2020

Basketball Picks Results for 3/4/20 Sweetness picks (3-0) Click here for Sweetness basketball picks handicapping  page sign up for a trial Creighton (W) Over Creighton (W) Over LSU and Arkansas(w) Top picks (2-2) Click here for our top basketball picks package Virginia over Team points ( L) Dayton (W) Over Creighton and Georgetown (W) Money…

Monday Basketball picks Results 80% winners

By Support Team | March 3, 2020

Basketball Picks for 3/2/20 Duke – Over Duke ( 2W) Over Baylor and Texas Tech (W) Baylor -7 (L) Money line parlay (w) Byrd’s picks (3-0) Over Duke (W) Texas Tech +4 1st half (W) Money line parlay (W) Sweetness picks (2-1) Duke (W) Baylor and TT over 130 (W) Baylor -7 (L)

Friday NBA Basketball picks Results update

By Support Team | February 29, 2020

Basketball Picks for 2/28/20 Top picks Bucks NBA ( W) Dayton -10 (W) Over Dayton and Davidson (w) Money line parlay (w)   Min Experts Basketball picks today WE only had picks from Billy Mike and the Computer today Ultimate picks 5-2 Not a good update outside of the ultimate picks going big with Toronto…

Thursday Basketball picks results

By Support Team | February 28, 2020

Basketball Picks for 2/27/20 Top picks Wisconsin +7 ( W) USC +3 1st half (W) Over Arizona and USC 1st half 63 (L)   Min Experts Basketball picks today WE only had picks from Billy Mike and the Computer today Ultimate picks 4-2 Non ultimate picks had a losing update total update for Thursday -30…

Byrd Basketball picks 6-0 100% winners

By Support Team | February 27, 2020

Byrd picks Unit picks System uses $100 a unit to win each pick 1-2-3 Unit picks Buy Discounted $300 FIRST MONTH TRIAL Monthly profit using $100 a unit $3,500 monthly profit 2020 Basketball 3 unit picks 22-8 NBA picks 62% winners College Basketball picks 67% winners Want to try for one week? Buy now $99.95…

Basketball picks results 1-2 Top picks

By Support Team | February 26, 2020

  Basketball Picks for 2/25/20 Top picks (1-2) (2-2 UNITS) OVER 70 1ST HALF 2 UNITS (W) OVER 142 AUBURN AND OLE MISS 1 UNIT (L) Over Iowa and Michigan ST(L)   Byrd basketball picks -70 in losses Sweetness basketball picks +380 profit Anonymous basketball picks -120 losses Main Experts basketball picks +280 profit

NBA picks and College Basketball picks results

By Support Team | February 25, 2020

Basketball Picks for 2/23/20 and 2/24/20 Top picks (4-2) NBA Sunday and College Monday Celtics (W) OVER Celtics and Lakers (W) Ratports  (W) FSU  (W) Oklahoma +9 1st half – over 63 1st half  (2 L)   NBA picks Fantatic updates with our NBA picks the past couple of weeks hitting 64% winners.  Our Top…

Basketball picks 5-0 update

By Support Team | February 21, 2020

Click here for the top (1-3) Picks $299 1st month Click here for Top / VIP picks $500 1st month Basketball Picks for 2/20/20 Top picks (5-0) IOWA -2(W) OVER IOWA AND OHIO ST 143 (W) ARIZONA ST +2  (W) OVER ARIZONA ST AND OREGON 142 (W) MONEY LINE PARLAY (W)

Wednesday’s Top Basketball picks 1-2

By Support Team | February 20, 2020

  Basketball TOP Picks for 2/19/20 Top picks (1-2) DUKE -6 (L) Villanova (W) Over 70 1st half Auburn   (L)

Tuesday Basketball picks Results

By Support Team | February 19, 2020

Basketball Picks for 2/18/20 Top picks (2-1) Dayton -3 (W) Over 151 Kentucky and LSU (W) Over 156 Creighton and Marquette   (L) All Experts section results Sweetness -260 Anonymous +0 (Break even) Byrd -100 Main Experts (Billy,Mike,Computer) +120 Ultimate combo (-200) VIP Picks Break even (+0)